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Fix the MXA Importer to handle non-integer data in the Chargeback.Retrieval File.

1) As per Jim request, Update MXA Importer Service to fix issue with Tsys B8739.Chrgeback.Retrival file

2) Update MXA Importer Service Code Change on ATL-FM-NDM01 and AUS-FM-NDM01

3) Scheduled to change once development team make the necessary change and release the new version, this will be a permanent change.

4) Shamsudeen Jameer will update MXA Importer application once available

5) The Chargeback Retrival file is failing due to a alphanumeric-character in the ChargebackReasonCode, which is on record. Substring(154, 4).Trim().
The code is in the ChargebackProcessor.cs file. Instead of doing a substring(154,4), you can do a substring(155,3) so we do not look at that first character.


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  • Feb 2 2017
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