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Update VIMAS App fields, the Merchant Initiated Application and True Online App with the Merrick Bank Application and Terms

It meets compliance requirements as of 11/1/2016 to use the Merrick Bank Application. We must make sure that all fields that have been added to the application appear in VIMAS.  


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  • Mar 15 2017
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    May 15, 2017 21:28

    Please see the attached write up needed by Compliance and Legal to ensure VIMAS Shows only Merrick Bank terms and documents to our Merchants, Confirmation page and Section 13 Signatures Personal Guarantee, CIP, and Debit/ Credit Authorization in the Application Process in VIMAS, the TRUE ONLINE APP and the MIA. Also, that the Confirmation page is updated in VIMAS Plus Library, Terms, Disclosure page section.  As per Chris Prince, and Anthony Bonventre we need this done ASAP!

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